Types of fixed orthodontic brackets

For most people undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment, most treatments involve the use of an orthodontic device. Orthodontic devices can be fixed or removable. First, before examining the types of brackets, we need to look at the difference between fixed and removable devices.

Difference between fixed or removable orthodontics

In fixed orthodontics the brackets are attached to the teeth by a special composite. Usually this device does not go out of mouth until treatment is complete. In contrast, a removable orthodontic device such as a transparent liner etc. can be easily removed from the mouth. While transparent liners can be effective in treating mild to moderate orthodontic problems, a fixed orthodontic device is generally used for more complex and broader treatments. One of the important differences in the structure of fixed and removable devices is the existence of brackets in fixed orthodontics.

The fixed tooth orthodontic bracket is often a silver metallic type of stainless steel that most people are familiar with. Although these types of metal brackets are still very popular, they are no longer the only option for patients. Nowadays patients can have other choices. In the following post we will discuss some types of fixed orthodontic brackets.

Fixed tooth orthodontic metal brackets

These types of brackets, usually made of stainless steel, have by far been the most common type of brackets in fixed tooth orthodontics. This orthodontic consists of metal brackets and brackets that are wrapped around Asian teeth at the end of a complex mouth and brackets attached to the surface of other teeth. The elastic metal wire passes through the brackets and gently guides the teeth into the proper position. This wire may be attached to brackets by cables, metal hooks or other devices.

There are many reasons that metal brackets have remained popular over time. These brackets provide safe, effective and economical treatment. Compared to previous machines, today’s braids are smaller, lighter and more comfortable. If you are looking for a fancy look compared to traditional orthodontic appliances, you can use colored elastic on the brackets.

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