Modern orthodontic techniques and technologies

Modern orthodontic techniques and technologies

Unparalleled experience in treating very difficult cases and can offer options for patient treatment that are not available in any orthodontic clinic. This latest set of orthodontics-related therapies uses the latest technologies in the world to provide high quality patient care, and the best orthodontic treatment option is selected according to the type and lifestyle of the patient. In fact, we are pioneers in orthodontic related technologies in the country and offer treatment options that are not available in many clinics.

Our focus is on choosing the treatment approach, patient comfort, and optimal treatment outcome. Also, a range of treatments, from traditional treatments to modern treatments, include almost invisible invisible orthodontics, metallic and color orthodontics, self-sealing or Damon orthodontics, transparent liners, invisalines, and other types of treatments. We do orthodontics faster, easier and easier than you have ever experienced. This article introduces some of the latest modern orthodontic techniques and technologies.

AcceleDent radiation

Most patients have the question, “Is there a way to reduce the use of orthodontic appliances?” The answer is yes. Today, very few orthodontists offer the AcceleDent Aura technique, which can accelerate tooth movement by up to fifty percent.

Lythos Intraoral Scanner

Do you hate impression molding? New digital scanning technology can create custom orthodontics like transparent liners without the use of annoying impression impressions.


This is also called “custom smile design”. This state-of-the-art engineered orthodontic system is made of 3D digital scans of teeth and CAD / CAM treatment planning software. This fast orthodontic system employs the best manufacturing and computer technology to maximize tooth displacement efficiency. To improve. The end result of this procedure improves treatment time by up to 5% and the number of visits to the clinic for examination by up to 5%.


Temporary Anchorage Devices can be used to help teeth move where conventional orthodontic devices do not. It is used to close implant spaces, smooth and sort Asian teeth without the use of orthodontics, smile correction and many other problems.


Sometimes, the soft tissue of the gum covers the eroded teeth and prevents proper placement of the brackets. Diode lasers can gently move the gum tissue to its proper position, reducing the time required for tooth eruption. This also improves the appearance and shape of the gum tissue.

Self brackets – Damon pack or system

This type of orthodontics, which has lower pressure and friction than conventional treatments, allows for easier and faster teeth repair. When Damon orthodontics is used with High-Teck arc wires, the teeth are moved faster and more easily.

Indirect link

This precise method of placing brackets on the teeth, called Indirect Bonding, is used to improve the position of the brackets on the surface of the teeth and make it easier to sort the teeth.

Digital Systems

Radiography and digital modeling ensure that the patient’s treatment plan is accurate and tailor-made to its needs. X-ray digital imaging allows the patient to become less involved with the radiation and the result of the imaging can be seen at the same time. The image quality is also very high.

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